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Auto Tweet While You Perform

We send your tweets when you broadcast

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How Does it Work?


Login with twitter.


Set your stream username.


We tweet for you.

Stream Status Monitoring

Your stream is actively monitored by our system. It knows when you are live or offline. No need to do anything manually, we take care of everything.

Statistically Proven Tweet Templates

We provide you with unique set of tweet templates that are statistically proven to entice more viewers. All tweets are varied to have a fresh impact. Use our defaults or write your own. Convenience and total control.

Targeted Tag Selection

You can choose from a wide range of well researched and high traffic tags. Niche targeted, and are proven to bring more viewers and more tips for you.


  • Q Are the tweets from my twitter handle?
  • A Yes! Your tweets will show as normal to your followers.

  • Q How often will tweets be sent for me?
  • A You can choose between every 10, 15 or 20 minute intervals.

  • Q Can I choose my own tweets?
  • A Yes! Choose your own or use our default tweet.

  • Q Is this allowed by Twitter officially?
  • A Yes! We are approved by Twitter and only use the official API.

Twitter Approved

No Downloads! Official Twitter API Only

Safe! Compliant with twitter rules

  • Simple setup - Login with twitter and configure your tweets and stream url, that's it!

  • Automatic - We monitor your stream, when you are online our system takes care of the tweeting for you

  • No branding - We do not show any branding whatsoever in any of the tweets sent via our system

  • 100% FREE! - No nonsense free service

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