It is no secret that any cam model looking to increase their Chaturbate following must look past Chaturbate and get traffic from other social media platforms. While a lot tend to focus on Instagram, Snapchat and others, many believe that Twitter remains the best social media site for monetizing adult content and gaining extra following.

This is a sentiment backed up by data.

For instance, studies show that in 2020 1 in 5 American adults use Twitter on a regular basis. This number is expected to grow by a further 2.4% in 2021. What’s more, of all its users, studies show that about 178 million of them are active on a daily basis, and thus “monetizable”.

The numbers obviously support Twitter as an additional tool for building a substantial monetizable following. And while its users may not be as large in number as Instagram, they happen to fall into the right age group and are way more welcoming of adult content than Instagram is.

This is why Twitter remains one of the most perfect ways for you to reach out to new adults and build your Chaturbate following even higher.



How to Use Twitter to Build Chaturbate Following


Using Twitter to increase your Chaturbate following involves reaching out to the right people, at the right time, with the right tweets. This involves constantly crafting tweets about your Chaturbate activities, scheduling these tweets for the right time, and optimizing them with the perfect hashtags so that you get to reach as wide an audience on Twitter as possible.

And what’s more, not only must you do all of these right, you must be able to do them consistently.

For instance, whenever you start your broadcast on Chaturbate it is extremely important that you let your followers on all platforms know so that you may have as large an audience as possible watching you.

The more your audience, of course, the more you’re able to earn during your shows. But maintaining your Chaturbate presence is hard enough, it seems almost impossible to cultivate the same level of consistency on more than one platform.

That’s why it is usually hard for models to remain active enough on Twitter to build the required following and reach enough people to send to their Chaturbate profiles.

But that is where Streamtout comes in.


Increase Your Twitter and Chaturbate Followers with Streamtout


Streamtout is an online program that allows you to leverage the potential of twitter by helping you send your Twitter followers to your Chaturbate profile whenever you begin your live broadcasts. And what’s more, it does this automatically so that you don’t even have to raise a finger.

Streamtout was created to make it easier for models to manage both their Chaturbate and Twitter pages at once, easily and without an ounce of stress.

With the automated process, you never have to worry about having to login on twitter before heading over back to Chaturbate every time you have a broadcast.


How Streamtout Works


So let’s say you’re about to go live on Chaturbate. Ideally, before you do this you would like as many people to know as possible. So you head on over to Twitter, send out a tweet, research and input a few hashtags, and tweet.

Then you head on over to Chaturbate to finally begin your live show.

With Streamtout, all the Twitter aspects of the process are handled on your behalf. Instead of heading over to Twitter to send a tweet, the Streamtout program automatically detects when you’re about to go live on Chaturbate and immediately sends out an automated, fully optimized tweet to your followers on your behalf.

So basically all you have to do is go on Chaturbate and begin your broadcast, knowing fully well that your Twitter followers are already aware and on their way thanks to Streamtout.


How to Set Up a Streamtout Account


Setting up a Streamtout account allows you to send out your alert tweets to your twitter fans on automation. Below is how you can set up and get started in no time at all.


Step 1: Linking Twitter


The first step involved in setting up your Streamtout automation is to link your Twitter account to Streamtout. Linking an account gives Streamtout permission to tweet on your behalf.

To link your account all you have to do is go to, and you’ll be directed to Twitter where you’ll login and give Streamtout permission.

Once permission has been given, Streamtout will be able to send tweets out based on your settings and customization.


Step 2: Setting Up Stream Username


This is where you set up a Chaturbate stream username. Once this process is done Streamtout begins to monitor your stream on your system. We’re able to tell when you’re online or offline, and most importantly when you’re about to start broadcasting. Everything, of course, is handled automatically.


Step 3: Customization


This is where you finalize the setup by choosing your tweets from the tweet template. Streamtout tweets are optimized to facilitate the highest possible conversion.

What’s more, they are also optimized further through the addition of strategic hashtags that ensure they reach more people on the platform beyond those who already follow you.

In case you have custom tweets of your own that you’d like to send out, you can also set it up at this stage and save for future use.


Step 4: Testing Your Settings


Finally once you’re done with all of the steps above you can proceed to save and give the whole thing a test whenever you start your next broadcast. The system should handle everything from here and send out your optimized tweets as you set them.

Benefits of Using Streamtout


Recent data provided by Twitter has shown that 54% of users on the platform are ready to take action on receiving prompts from their favorite brands/users on Twitter. Furthermore, 79% of users reported this to be true.

It is safe to say that the potential for automating Twitter actions with Streamtout is immense. Below are some of the topmost advantages of using Streamtout to increase your Chaturbate followers.


Additional Traffic


Obviously the most important benefit of automating your Twitter alerts whenever you go live on Chaturbate is to generate additional traffic and increase the number of audience in your show. Well, Streamtout does this quite effectively.

The additional traffic you get from alerting your followers, without having to do the actual sending of the tweet, can go a long way in not only getting you more viewers, but more revenue thanks to your increased audience size.


Relieves Stress and Maximize Output


First of all, the entire idea of automation is to make tasks easier so that one can focus a lot more on other important tasks that cannot be automated. With Streamtout and Twitter automation, the same logic applies.

Once you’re able to set your Twitter on autopilot, you can effectively eliminate the whole step of going on Twitter, which in turn leaves you with more time and energy to focus on the actual show at hand.

And you get to do this knowing that you are not sacrificing anything whatsoever. This leads to more quality shows, more followers who like your content, and ultimately more revenue for every show. It’s a win win.


Access to Multiple Templates


In customizing your tweets for sending out, Streamtout gives you a lot of customizable templates to choose from. Obviously every model is different, and so are the niches and subcategories that they fall into.

This is why Streamtout provides as many options as possible in this regard. There are obviously simple yet effective tweets that can work for everybody no matter the niche and taste. For instance just sending a, “Hey I just came online, come join me if you love horny girls”, can work on pretty much any occasion.

But of course sending the same tweets will get bland, boring and less effective. This is why to keep things interesting, Streamtout features as many options as possible in this regard.


Customizing Templates


It is also possible to go past the ready-made templates provided by Streamtout by providing yours. This comes in handy if you happen to be familiar with different tweets that tend to convert more with your followers on Twitter.

All you have to do is input these tweets on the set-up page, finalize the schedule and they’ll go out whenever you are live instead of the default tweets.

Hashtags to Improve Reach


Hashtags remain one of the most important tools to building a social media account. Hashtags are important because they allow other people to find your account even when they are not necessarily following you.

This is why the proper use of hashtags is one of the most essential parts of any alert or promotional tweet. With Streamtout all of the default tweets programmed for you are optimized with multiple key hashtags that are not only well-researched and relevant to your niche, but also remarkably effective.

With Streamtout you can rest assured that your notification tweets are not only going to reach your audience, but also help you build new and relevant sets of fans too.

Extremely Safe to Use


Another benefit of using Streamtout is to be found in its absolute safety. Of course it is normal to worry about safety when using a program like this, but users will be happy to know that Streamtout on its own does not have access to your account and can not make changes on your behalf.

By linking your twitter account to Streamtout all you do is give the program permission to tweet for you. That is all. It can only tweet what you set it to tweet.

It can neither edit your account details nor make tweets that you did not program. What’s more, Streamtout cannot mention itself or include its own hashtags or watermark on your tweets.

It is meant for you and you only.


No Downloads Needed


Streamtout is not an application that requires download before use. The program prioritizes convenience and as such it users need only login to the program website to use.

Everything you need to automate your Chaturbate experience is right there. You don’t even have to keep logging in every time you want to use Streamtout to automate your tweets.

Once you’re done with the initial setup the program automatically begins to monitor your Chaturbate activities and send out tweets to make the appropriate alerts at the right times.


Free to Use


Lastly, you’ll be glad to know that despite all of its features and benefits, Streamtout is one hundred percent free to use. You don’t have to worry about a subscription fee or even a flat one-time fee.

All you have to do to use the program is visit the Streamtout website, login in, set up your customizations and schedule and you’re all good to go.



How Tweets are Sent on Streamtout?


In case you were wondering if tweets sent out on Streamtout are going to be done through your account or the Streamtout account on Twitter, the answer is the former. Once you configure your tweets on your dashboard, all your scheduled tweets will only be sent out through your account and yours only.

In fact, the Streamtout program is safe and optimized for privacy, so that no one else is able to see your customizations or tweet schedules before you go out.

And once it’s finally time to send them out, the automated program makes use of your account through the permissions you already set and thus sends the tweet to your followers on YOUR account alone.



Summary & Conclusion


Maximizing your following on Chaturbate requires leveraging other social media platforms. Twitter is one of the best options in this regard, and with Streamtout you get to automate the process while you focus on your live broadcast.

All you have to do is link your Twitter account to Streamtout, and the program alerts your followers every time you go live on Chaturbate. It doesn’t just end there, too.

Not only does Streamtout send out automated alerts for you, but it does so with highly-optimized tweets with appropriate hashtags to reach both your followers and new audience on Twitter.

Streamtout is highly safe, and available free of charge.